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Nein Danke

MYMIU ist beim ältesten Logo Wettbewerb der Welt, 
dem renommierten New Yorker GRAPHIS Logo Award, gestartet. 
Und wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass MYMIU den "GRAPHIS Merit Award" gewinnen konnte! Nachfolgend alle Infos des eingereichten Beitrags:



MYMIU is a German based brand for cat related products of high quality for the design affine cat lover community. The main product of the brand is a cat tree free-standing or wall-mounted using the shape of a gingko leaf as steps and platforms.


At first glance the logo reminds of a high end fashion brand mainly because of the sleek handlettering showing that a cat tree can meet the cat's needs but also be stylish fitting perfectly into a well curated and sophisticated home. The most obvious part of the logo is the sleeping or cosy curled cat - the rather subtile content reminds of the gingko leaf shaped platforms and the heart shaped symbol addresses the cat lover.


The goal is that the cat tree is no longer a disturbing item but a contribution in modern architecture or traditional style apartments and houses.


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